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Research on English Interactive Classroom Teaching Model Based on Mobile Internet Environment

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DOI: 10.25236/eeaet.2020.052


Li Yu

Corresponding Author

Li Yu


With the continuous advancement of Internet technology, the mobile Internet has been increasingly used in the teaching field. The mobile Internet has been technologically updated on the basis of the Internet and has new advantages such as flexibility and portability. The use of mobile Internet in English teaching can stimulate students' interest in learning and transform the traditional teaching mode. Among them, English interactive classroom is one of the innovative teaching modes. The interactive classroom teaching of college English in the mobile Internet environment is conducive to improving students' autonomous learning awareness and ability, and is conducive to the smooth implementation of college English teaching reform. English interactive classroom teaching can inject fresh vitality into college English education. Nowadays, college English teaching should follow the trend of technological development and use the advantages of mobile Internet and interactive classroom teaching mode to improve teaching quality.


Mobile internet, Interactive classroom, English teaching