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Research on the Reform Approaches of College Art Design Teaching in the New Media Age

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DOI: 10.25236/eeaet.2020.050


Yonghui Feng

Corresponding Author

Yonghui Feng


The new media era has brought not only faster information transmission to social development, but also overturns the traditional information transmission methods. The use of comprehensive human-computer interaction methods such as text, sound, image, animation, and video has become the current the new favorite of the design industry. When launching art design majors in colleges and universities, we must fully understand the impact of the new media era on social development, integrate technology and art perfectly, and find the best fit. At the present stage, colleges and universities have many problems in the development of art major design. Whether it is the outdated teaching content, the unreasonable teaching method, or the unreasonable teaching concept, or the lack of determined talent training goals, the teaching level is gradually decreasing. This also requires the person in charge of the art and design major in my country's colleges and universities to continuously improve their own shortcomings, find a way out of the predicament, and ensure that the art and design major in colleges and universities can cultivate more and better talents for the society.


New media era, College art design, Teaching reform