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Research on the Improvement of English Learning Motivation under the Background of Normalization of Epidemic Prevention and Control

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DOI: 10.25236/eeaet.2020.046


Xiaohui Chu

Corresponding Author

Xiaohui Chu


At the beginning of 2020, a new crown pneumonia epidemic swept the world. The speed of spread and the wide range of infections are second to none in China and the world. The new crown epidemic has brought huge challenges to all walks of life around the world. According to the survey, the impact of the epidemic can be roughly divided into three waves: the first wave has caused severe damage to the tourism, aviation, entertainment, catering, hotel and other industries, and the second wave has caused retail, Wholesale, logistics, real estate and other industries have brought shocks. The third wave has an impact on the manufacturing industry, which is mainly caused by factors such as delayed resumption of work, sales stagnation, blocked imports and exports, insufficient labor, and supply chain disruption. The epidemic has changed the world and changed people's lifestyles. The 2003 SARS epidemic brought online shopping to the stage of history. People have gradually become familiar with online consumption. By now, most people have used online shopping as their main shopping method; the new crown epidemic in 2020 has refreshed people’s understanding of live broadcasting. Not only live delivery of goods, live sharing, but also live teaching, so it can be predicted that live teaching will become a very powerful supplement to our traditional teaching.


English learning motivation, Epidemic prevention and control, Improvement