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Research on the Multiple Integration and Collaborative Education Mode of Enterprise Management under the Perspective of Industrial Cluster

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DOI: 10.25236/eeaet.2020.044


Gao Jianjun, Zhang Tongguang

Corresponding Author

Gao Jianjun


The collaborative innovation and education of enterprise management disciplines and industrial clusters play a vital role in promoting regional economic development. How to effectively promote the development of enterprise management discipline requires the collaborative cooperation of multiple subjects such as government, enterprises and industries, etc., to effectively implement the effective integration of discipline and industrial cluster around the extension of core enterprises in the industrial cluster. Based on the analysis of the role of multiple subjects in collaborative education, this paper explores the dilemma faced by enterprise management discipline and industrial cluster in collaborative education, furthermore, analyzes the entry point and integration aspect of the multiple integration and collaborative education of enterprise management disciplines, finally puts forward the corresponding implementation approaches under the background of industrial clusters construction.


Industrial cluster, Enterprise management discipline, Education mode