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A Discussion on the Practical Strategy of Integrating Guanxue Culture into Junior High School Politics Teaching--Taking Xi'an Junior High School Students as Example

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DOI: 10.25236/eeaet.2020.043


He Wenhua, Hu Qian, Wang Duo

Corresponding Author

He Wenhua


Teenagers are the hope of the country, and their development is related to the country’s development. The junior high school stage is a key period to improve adolescents’ ideological and ethical standards and enhance their moral character and cultural confidence. Chinese excellent traditional culture covers rich moral meaning. As an important part of Chinese excellent traditional culture, Guangxue now still has an important impact on the Guanzhong area in shaping people’s mental outlook as well as behavior. Its cultural content and moral quality make a great contribution to the physical and mental development of junior high school students. Therefore, it is of vital importance to integrate the essence of Guanxue culture into the junior high school politics teaching.


Guanxue culture, Integration, Politics teaching in junior high school, Practice strategy