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Analysis of the Third Movement of Beethoven Piano Sonata Op.13, Pathetique

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DOI: 10.25236/iclla.2017.52


Cheng Yingjie

Corresponding Author

Cheng Yingjie


The Sonata Pathetique is the summit of Beethoven piano Sonata at early stage, which is familiar by people due to the third dramatic and melodic movement. In this article, we reveal the features that the composer not only followed the classicism, but also showed the romance at that time through the overall and meticulous harmonic analysis of this movement, and clarify that the structure of this Sonata reflects both the features of rondo form and the principle of three-part structure and the structure of uniform Sonata form with middle tonality by the musical structure analysis. This Sonata can be called as creative model of piano Sonata.


Beethoven, The third movement of Pathetique, Harmonic analysis, Musical form analysis.