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Application of Cooperative Learning Mode in Adult Public English Learning in Modern Distance Education

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DOI: 10.25236/eeaet.2020.042


Qin Shao

Corresponding Author

Qin Shao


The increase in international exchange has greatly highlighted the important position of English. English has developed into the first language of international communication. Colleges and universities are important places for English learning, but for adult learners, the time away from school is longer, and public English learning cannot be carried out in accordance with traditional teaching methods. The development of distance education provides a good development path for adult English in China, and the application of cooperative learning mode lays a good foundation for the development of English public learning activities. However, from the application status of the cooperative English model, there are still many problems in the application process. It is necessary to study the factors affecting the English cooperative learning model in order to promote the development of adult public English in China.


Cooperative learning, Modern distance education, Adult public english learning, Application