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Research on the Training Model of Preschool Education Professionals

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DOI: 10.25236/eeaet.2020.039


Yingling Zheng

Corresponding Author

Yingling Zheng


Preschool education is an integral part of basic education, the initial stage of school education and lifelong education, and an important part of the national education system. It plays a huge foundation for the growth of children. However, the development level of preschool education in our country is still a relatively weak link in the entire basic education system. How to build a preschool education professional talent training model that adapts to the overall situation is of great significance. Adapting to the national innovative skill-based talent model, reforming the training specifications and curriculum settings for preschool education professionals, and promoting the innovation of classroom teaching content systems are of great significance to the training of preschool education professionals.


Training model, Preschool education professionals