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Strategies of Improving Practical Ability of Pre-School Education Professionals from the Perspective of Cooperation between Schools and Enterprises

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DOI: 10.25236/eeaet.2020.038


Yingling Zheng

Corresponding Author

Yingling Zheng


Professional practice ability is the key to affect the quality of preschool education teachers' education in colleges and universities, and it is also the basic ability and quality necessary for preschool education students to engage in educational and teaching activities in the future. Pre-school education majors in colleges and universities should promote education and teaching reforms aimed at cultivating professional practice capabilities. Adjusting the curriculum structure, strengthening the reform of teaching methods, strengthening educational probation and educational practice, and improving the practical ability of teachers of preschool education in colleges and universities are important ways to cultivate the professional practical ability of preschool education undergraduates.


Pre-school education, Cooperation of schools and enterprise, Practical ability