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Research on the Teaching Practice and Perception for Elective Courses in Polytechnic

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DOI: 10.25236/eeaet.2020.032


Shenzhu Li

Corresponding Author

Shenzhu Li


I don't want to “speak well for writing deeds”, because I don't have any advanced deeds that can be praised. I just happily do the ordinary little things that I like to do. Every time I receive a batch of new students, I always feel that our college is a piece of fertile soil for bonuses, with the teachers here happily working and the students here happily growing. In this garden, I appreciate and analyze the different teaching styles of “the isomeric classes striving for pride and joy”. I appreciate the style of “unconstrained great river eastward”, also enjoy the graceful and restrained poetic genre with the style of “a slim bridge over the flowing stream”, but I was exploring Zhang Ailing’s unique style of “fresh & scent”: reading her prose is like drinking a cup of light tea, from tasteless to a faint scent to a sweet, mellow and infinite aftertaste. The above philosophy mentioned is all from the research on my teaching practice and perception for elective courses in polytechnic.


Elective course, English literacy, Interesting psychology, Compulsory course