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Research on the Construction of Tourism Management Professional Talent Training Mode

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DOI: 10.25236/eeaet.2020.028


Xiaomei Jin

Corresponding Author

Xiaomei Jin


At present, the teaching settings and teachers of tourism management major in my country have been developed to a certain extent, but there is no unanimously recognized talent training model for reference. This article aims to build a “quality-market-oriented” talent training model, and adopts literature analysis, comparative analysis and other research methods. On the basis of summarizing the elements of the talent training model, it analyzes and compares foreign tourism management majors. The difference of undergraduate talent training model points out the problems in my country's tourism talent training model and reveals the inherent requirements of tourism management professional talent training. Hope to use this research to explore the new way of training mode of tourism management professionals in my country.


Talent training model, Tourism management, Construction and development