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Study on the Relations between Movement Specifications and Styles in the Teaching of Folk Dance

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DOI: 10.25236/eeaet.2020.026


Lu Zheng

Corresponding Author

Lu Zheng


In the process of national dance education and artistic talent cultivation in China, folk dance is one of the important components of national dance. Folk dances of different regions and nationalities in our country are also significantly different, and there are some unique norms for national dances. Sex, and formed the unique style characteristics and action forms of folk dance. In addition, the national folk dance of our country has a long history in our country. After the spread and evolution of the times, it finally becomes the current folk dance with strong charm and colorful charm. Famous folk dances not only fully express the aesthetic consciousness, aesthetic psychology and aesthetic taste of people in various regions, but also an inseparable and important part of traditional Chinese art. Therefore, this article will focus on this national treasure and discuss the relationship between style and movement specifications in the teaching of folk dance.


National folk dance teaching, Movement specifications, Style, Relationship