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Independent Learning Ability in College English Class

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DOI: 10.25236/eeaet.2020.017


Huiling Cao

Corresponding Author

Huiling Cao


In the context of informationization and internationalization of higher education, the cycle of knowledge renewal is shortening day by day, and all countries in the world have realized the importance of autonomous learning ability in talent training. In fact, as one of the important educational objectives of modern education, autonomous learning ability has been highly concerned in college English teaching. In order to reform the traditional English teaching mode to improve college students' English autonomous learning ability and English achievements, multidimensional design theory in public English classroom teaching, interaction hypothesis, experience philosophy and under the guidance of constructivism theory related to construct the “more than a lesson outline” experience type teaching mode, to better cultivate students' autonomous learning ability.


College public English class, Independent learning ability, Mcet model