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Reflection and Standardization of Shadow Education from an International Perspective

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DOI: 10.25236/eeaet.2020.014


Yu Xiao

Corresponding Author

Yu Xiao


With the rapid development of shadow education around the world, it has become an important part of the education system, and all countries have launched initiatives to manage and standardize shadow education, which also has an enlightening effect on the governance and development of extracurricular tutoring in China. An analysis and comparison of the extracurricular tutoring in Singapore, Finland, South Korea, and the United States show that their tutoring development is relatively mature, while the extracurricular tutoring market in China needs further standardization. The experience of shadow education abroad has reference significance for China. This paper focuses on shadow education in several typical countries, analyzes the advantages and disadvantages of shadow education through the international perspective, and puts forward some improvement measures to promote the healthy development of shadow education in China.


Internationa, Shadow education, Standardization