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Research on Talent Training Mode of Cross Border e-Commerce Foreign Trade Based on School Enterprise Cooperation

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DOI: 10.25236/eeaet.2020.009


Wei Wu

Corresponding Author

Wei Wu


In order to adapt to the development of the era of knowledge economy and the wide application of Internet technology, colleges and universities should actively update the concept of foreign trade personnel training, and reform the teaching of international trade, business English, e-commerce and other majors. In view of the common problems existing in the talent training mode of cross-border e-commerce in Colleges and universities, relying on the cross-border e-commerce platform, strengthen the cooperation with relevant enterprises in personnel training, and constantly enrich the teaching content and system of cross-border e-commerce. To provide students with a variety of knowledge and skills training platform, give full play to the advantages of various resources, and cultivate high-quality talents suitable for the development of cross-border e-commerce industry.


School enterprise cooperation, Cross border e-commerce, Foreign trade talents, Training mode