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The New Ecology of Teacher Education Curriculum Integration in the Era of “Internet+” Based on Intelligent Thinking

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DOI: 10.25236/eeaet.2020.005


Sun Li, Zhang Hanwen

Corresponding Author

Zhang Hanwen


Abstract: Driven by the constantly updating and upgrading of information technology, "Internet +", as an important link element, is gradually linked to the internal mechanism of teacher education curriculum and its overall transportation. It has become an integral part of the operation of teacher education curriculum in the network age. The integration development presents the increasingly complex development characteristics from information technology to network environment to intelligent world. In the “Internet+” era with intelligent thinking as the core, the integrated development of teacher education curriculum will inevitably form a new technical rationality driven by the cultivation of core qualities. And finally it will promote the development of a new ecology on teacher education curriculum aiming at cultivating the students in the context of intelligent education.


“Internet+”, teacher education curriculum, integrated development