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A Probe into the Training of College Students' Music Appreciation Ability from the Perspective of Piano Education

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DOI: 10.25236/eeaet.2020.002


Ni Lu

Corresponding Author

Ni Lu


In recent years, the education system has been reformed, and education methods have also been continuously deepened. Under the quality education, higher requirements are put forward for students' music appreciation ability. The cultivation of music appreciation ability plays a very important role in piano education in colleges and universities. It is an effective means to improve students' comprehensive quality and an important way to enrich students' knowledge. Major colleges and universities have gradually paid more attention to it in the process of daily education, but the actual college piano education has some problems in the process of training students' music appreciation ability, which hinders the improvement of students' music appreciation level. This article discusses the cultivation of college students' music appreciation ability from the perspective of piano education.


College students, perspective of piano education, music appreciation ability, training strategy