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Curriculum Reform and Construction of Investment Major in the Context of Fintech

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DOI: 10.25236/eeaet.2020.001


Zhisheng Huang

Corresponding Author

Zhisheng Huang


With the rapid development of information technology, new technologies such as large data and block chain are boosting the innovation of traditional financial industry. The merging of finance and technology is an inexorable trend of the leapfrog development of financial industry in the future. The innovation and development of financial technology relies on the support of talents. Therefore, the cultivation of the talents of the investment major is facing great opportunities. In the context of Fintech, the existed curriculum system of the investment major in our university needs to make timely adjustment and improvement to adapt to the new requirements of the industry. This paper discusses the issues about how to improve the curriculum reform and construction of the investment major.


Fintech, investment major, curriculum reform