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On the Application of Bim Technology to Building Energy Saving Design

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DOI: 10.25236/ic3ec.2020.028


Luo Wen, Zhang Bin

Corresponding Author

Luo Wen


With the continuous improvement of the current level of science and technology, some new processes and technologies have been applied to the construction industry. As a modern architectural design method, building energy saving design meets the increasingly high energy-saving and environmental protection requirements of the current construction projects. The use of energy saving methods in the design of construction projects can promote the healthy development of China’s construction industry, and promote social progress. The sustainable development strategy is the premise and foundation for the development of all walks of life, and the construction industry is no exception. Only by actively studying the building energy saving design and improving the design level, can it continue to meet the new requirements of users for construction engineering and improve the core competitiveness of construction enterprises in the industry. BIM Technology is newly developed based on computer technology. In the process of design, the application of this technology can simulate all aspects of the construction with many advantages such as coordination and visibility. Therefore, the application of BIM Technology to building energy saving design is an inevitable development direction of the construction industry in the future.


Bim technology, Computer technology, Construction work, Energy saving design