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Study on the Measurement of Climate Capacity and Its Health Effects in Xi'an City

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DOI: 10.25236/ic3ec.2020.019


Li Peng

Corresponding Author

Li Peng


Combining the multi-disciplinary backgrounds, using the comprehensive evaluation method of entropy weight, Nemero index method, regression method and causal analysis, etc., the index system is constructed to measure the climate capacity of Xi'an. In addition, the health effects of climate capacity residents are explored. The results show that the overall climate capacity of Xi'an shows a slight fluctuation trend, but both are lower than the base year climate capacity value, and its climate system is obviously vulnerable. Then, the health effects of climate capacity were further explored, and the results confirmed that climate capacity had a significant effect on health effects. Comprehensive consideration of the theory and application of the environmental library Zinets curve, urban development should break through the vicious circle of “development - environmental pollution - redevelopment - environmental re-contamination” under the guidance of traditional development concepts, but also national, local, social and personal Multi-agent participation and collaborative innovation


Climate capacity, Health effect, Environmental reservoir zinets curve, Urban climate pressure, Urban coordinated development ability