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Reliability Analysis and Evaluation of Existing Concrete Bridge under Vehicle Load

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DOI: 10.25236/ic3ec.2020.018


Zhe Gao, Qingbing Li, Yao Feng, Xiaoyan Yang, Chuang Chen

Corresponding Author

Zhe Gao


The influences of vehicle load and corrosive environment on existing highway bridge structures are investigated in the Chinese context. These two factors are the primary cause of the diseases of bridges, e.g. damage and aging, and hence the deterioration of their carrying capacity and functionality. The vehicle load effect on standard bridges with various spans suggested by the Chinese codes are calculated and statistically analyzed. Associated probability distribution models are then established allowing for different overload treatment policies. The reliability index of existing bridges is calculated based on the checking factors for load-bearing capacity evaluation in current Chinese codes. The result shows that the maximum distribution of vehicle load effect in design reference period obeys the lognormal distribution. The reliable indexes of the “Well-performed” existing bridges calculated with the random traffic flow in non-controlling and toll-by-weight areas are smaller than the code-stipulated target reliability index


Bridge engineering, Load effect, Statistical analysis, Safety, Serviceability