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Study on Groundwater Occurrence in Southern Margin of Tarim Basin, Xinjiang

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DOI: 10.25236/ic3ec.2020.017


Fei Xie, Fachen Zeng, Hongwei Ma, Xiuna Jiang, Zhipeng Duan

Corresponding Author

Fei Xie


Based on the theory of hydrogeology and with Qarqan River basin as an example, this paper analyzes the characteristics of groundwater occurrence in the southern margin of Tarim Basin in Xinjiang and discusses current situation and existing problems of its development and utilization. Countermeasures are advanced for the sustainable utilization of groundwater resources, and decision-making help is provided for optimizing the allocation of water resources and exploitation of groundwater resources in this area. On this basis, a reference for the rational development and utilization of other resources in western China is proposed


Groundwater occurrence, Qarqan River, Tarim basin