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Internet Thinking and Spatial Pattern Analysis and Landscape Design of Ancient City

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DOI: 10.25236/ic3ec.2020.012


Na Liu

Corresponding Author

Na Liu


As a cultural product in a certain historical development stage, the ancient city's ancient city has attracted more and more attention to the value and significance of its existence, and it is imperative to study its protection. The ancient city has large-scale official buildings: for example, the Taizhuang Mansion, the Defense Department, the General Armed Forces Division, and the participating agencies. The architectural styles of these buildings often reflect the traditional style of official buildings, which are mostly reflected in the vertical ridges and right ridges. They often use rows of ravines, dripping cylinders and Wagfan doors and windows, and large carved tiles. Internet thinking is a way of rethinking the market, users, products, the corporate value chain, and even the entire business ecosystem in the context of the continuous development of technologies such as the Internet, big data, and cloud computing. Therefore, in this paper, we discuss the Internet thinking and spatial pattern analysis and the landscape design of ancient city as the integrated study. The graph theory is applied to construct the theoretical modelling scenario and the data mining models are used to construct the connection link integration. The performance of the model is validated through the experimental overview.


Internet Thinking, Ancient City, Spatial Form, Analysis, Landscape Design, Graph Theory, Data Modelling