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Research on Construction Management Strategy of Civil Engineering Based on Modern Concept

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DOI: 10.25236/ic3ec.2020.008


Minghong Cai, Jiaji Li

Corresponding Author

Minghong Cai


The rapid economic and social development drives the increase in the number of construction projects, which also puts forward higher requirements for the quality of civil engineering construction. The quality of construction project management determines the market share of the enterprise. Only by occupying more market share can the enterprise continuously develop and grow. Reasonable and scientific management of civil engineering construction site is of great significance to properly handle the combination of financial, material and human resources in the construction of engineering projects. Only by raising the consciousness of civil engineering construction site management and reaching a consensus can we jointly promote the scientific and civilized construction. Under the goal of construction management, civil construction units are trying their best to improve their own construction management level. This article will take the modern concept as the development background, the civil engineering construction management as the main content of this article, through the elaboration of the civil engineering management status, analyzes its future development and construction management strategy.


Civil engineering, Construction project management, Modern concept