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Analysis of Landscape Adaptation and Renovation Methods for Existing Residential Areas

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DOI: 10.25236/ic3ec.2020.006


Tingting Wang, Qian Huang, Hesong Wang, Renjie Liu

Corresponding Author

Tingting Wang


With the development of the aging population in our country, the research on the elderly care and living environment is also facing problems and challenges. Aging is defined as the dynamic increase in the proportion of the elderly population in the population composition due to the increase of the elderly population or other factors. At present, the special reforms implemented in various places only meet a single demand in terms of content, function and quality. In today's society with more and more diverse cultures and lifestyles, community landscape should also be more diversified. For the elderly, the quality of residential landscape environment has become an important guarantee for the healthy life of the elderly. To adapt to the aging of the existing community, the starting point is the objective deficiency of the existing building, including the user's reflection of the living comfort and the relationship between the building and the environment. This paper analyzes the behavioral characteristics, psychological needs of the elderly and the existing problems in the environment of the old residential area, and puts forward the corresponding strategies of landscape transformation of the residential area with the activities of the elderly as the main entry point.


Aging, Suitable for aging, Landscape