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Analysis of Construction Temperature Stress of Civil Engineering Building Concrete and Thinking of Maintenance

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DOI: 10.25236/ic3ec.2020.005


Bing Liu

Corresponding Author

Bing Liu


With the continuous expansion of the scope of urbanization in China, the demand for concrete buildings in our country has gradually increased. At present, China's engineering buildings are mainly based on concrete structures, which require higher concrete technology in the actual construction process. The impact of environmental and some technical factors, the concrete can not meet the requirements of the project during the preparation and use process. In order to further improve the construction efficiency of concrete projects, relevant technical personnel need to pay more attention to the temperature stress of concrete construction and strengthen its In order to ensure the quality of engineering projects, this article analyzes the formation process of concrete temperature stress, and proposes measures to strengthen the efficiency of temperature control and methods of curing concrete. Concrete building is one of the main building structures at this stage. The structure has a strong load-bearing capacity and a relatively strong wall, which meets the requirements of current building construction. However, the construction of concrete structures is affected by some external factors. The body is prone to cracks. This will not only affect the aesthetics of the building wall, but also threaten the stability of the building. This is mainly because the temperature change has a large effect on the stress of the concrete, and the late-stage curing effect of the concrete building is low. In order to further to improve the quality of concrete buildings, technicians should strengthen the analysis of temperature stress in concrete construction and improve the maintenance technology of concrete buildings. This article will analyze the causes of cracks in concrete buildings and analyze their maintenance measures.


Civil engineering, Building concrete, Temperature stress, Maintenance measures