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Analysis on Design Risk Factors of Water Structure Engineering

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DOI: 10.25236/ic3ec.2020.003


Nguyen Hung Nguyen

Corresponding Author

Nguyen Hung Nguyen


In the process of construction, leakage often occurs due to the design defects of water structure engineering, which involves the reason of design risks. The first is the defects in the engineering design itself and the second is construction without meeting the design requirements or poor quality of waterproof engineering. In view of these two reasons, this paper proposes to improve the waterproof design of water structure from five aspects, and strengthen the construction supervision of building waterproof engineering to render waterproof engineering design scientific, accurate and rational. For water structure, waterproof concrete construction should be done well, with emphasis on the selection and scientific application of waterproof materials.


Building, Water structure, Waterproof design, Risk analysis