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Application of Immobilized Photosynthetic Bacteria in Comprehensive Water Pollution Control

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DOI: 10.25236/ic3ec.2020.002


Jie Luo

Corresponding Author

Jie Luo


In recent years, the rapid development of China's economy has greatly promoted the development of various fields such as chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, and commerce, on the other hand, it has also posed challenge to water environment. Sewage needs to be properly treated, otherwise it will easily affect people's life and health. Therefore, the application of biological treatment technology should be considered in sewage treatment to avoid secondary pollution to water and environment. Immobilized photosynthetic bacteria are highly stable and efficient, besides, they are easy to store and transport, which can greatly improve the efficiency of sewage treatment. Immobilized photosynthetic bacteria technology mainly uses physical and chemical methods to confine microorganisms in a limited space in the water, while maintaining biological activity. Significant results can be achieved if photosynthetic bacteria and carrier materials can be combined for sewage treatment.


Immobilized photosynthetic bacteria, Water pollution, Comprehensive treatment