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Research on ecological and environmental protection planning based on SWOT analysis

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DOI: 10.25236/ic3ec.2020.001


Su Yan, Yang Hongyan

Corresponding Author

Su Yan


in China, the regional government has set up a special department of environmental protection, which is specially established to protect the ecological environment. The environmental management is very important. Aiming at the existing problems, framework problems and poor measures, this paper puts forward relevant suggestions, integrates SWOT analysis into these problems, and discusses some relevant cities as examples. Put the four elements of SWOT into the analysis, put forward suggestions for the development of urban ecological environment protection, use SWOT analysis method to complete the test, and then come to the conclusion that this analysis method is relatively scientific and credible, which can be used in the ecological exchange protection for compilation.


SWOT analysis, ecological environment protection, planning, analysis