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Study on the Ecological Connotation of the Four Seasons Landscape Painting in Song Dynasty

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DOI: 10.25236/adlh.2020.029


Zhuoqing Zhang

Corresponding Author

Zhuoqing Zhang


The Song Dynasty was a period of prosperity and development in the creation of landscape paintings in the Four Seasons, and there were many pioneering works in terms of creative crowd, performance subjects, and painting techniques. The development of the four-time landscape painting in the Song Dynasty is characterized by stages. It is influenced by the region and time and space, and contains rich ecological information and ecological ideas. It is not only the discovery of the natural things by the Song people outward, but also the inner hearts of the Song people to the individual. The affectionate exploration is the exploration and expression of life consciousness and emotion.


Song dynasty, four seasons landscape, Ecological connotation