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The Unique Expression of Urban Landscape and Public Art in the Development of Modern Cities

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DOI: 10.25236/adlh.2020.027


Fanyu Liu

Corresponding Author

Fanyu Liu


The urban landscape is a direct expression of a city's image, which not only reflects the overall thinking of the city managers, but also shows the development level of the city's economy, but also has an important relationship with the production and life of urban residents. 3. The material basis for good development. A perfect and sound urban landscape can not only provide the necessary material conditions for residents' lives, but also improve the city's image and reputation, create a good urban investment environment, and attract a lot of capital and talents for the development of the city. Under the background of China's economic system reform, how to change the system of urban landscape construction and fundamentally improve the management level of urban landscape construction has caused widespread thinking. Under this background, some cities have tried to reform the urban landscape construction one after another, combining urban landscape construction with public art in order to obtain better benefits.


Modern city, urban landscape, Public art