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On the Development of Modern Film and Television Culture under Intelligent Information Technology

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DOI: 10.25236/adlh.2020.022


Yipin Lv, Bingfeng Liu

Corresponding Author

Yipin Lv


Intelligent information technology is actually a complex of globalization, digitalization and informatization. In the development of contemporary film and television culture, especially film and television culture is increasingly dependant on intelligent information technology. During the integration process, influenced by intelligent information technology, it has formed a new cultural ecology and brought new opportunities and severe challenges to the development of Chinese contemporary film and television culture. With the rapid development of modern information technology, China has entered the era of digital information. With the continuous progress of film and television technology and the fierce competition with new media, there is an increasing demand on the comprehensive competitiveness and overall quality of film and television industry.


Media convergence, Digital media, Patterns of “works”, Trend