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Study on Sogdian Stone Figures Unearthed from the Tang Tomb in Huanghe Road of Liaoning Province

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DOI: 10.25236/adlh.2020.017


Qiwang Zhao, Qianyun Lyu

Corresponding Author

Qiwang Zhao


A pair of stone figurines were unearthed from a Tang tomb at Huanghe Road, Chaoyang City of Liaoning Province. Scholars generally believe that they show the image of Mohe people. This paper studies the clothing, braided hair style, appearance, eagle holding gesture,Wo holding posture and other characteristics of the stone figurines. Through comparing these features with stone figurines of Hu people in Tang Dynasty, images of Hu people in murals of Tang Dynasty, as well as stone burial utensils and human statues found in tombs of Sogdians entering China, and referring to historical documents of the pair of stone figurines in the Tang tomb of Sixu Yang found in Xi'an, as well as stone human statues found in Turkic prairie, the author points out that stone figurines unearthed in Huanghe Road should express the images of Sogdians. This paper also summarizes the historical background of Sogdian stone figurines unearthed in Chaoyang (Yingzhou of Tang Dynasty).


A pair of stone figurines, Sogdian, Turkic stone statue, Clan, The silk road