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The Development of 3d Printing Technology Combined with Traditional Patterns

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DOI: 10.25236/adlh.2020.014


Xiaoxiao Cao, Hao Hu

Corresponding Author

Xiaoxiao Cao


With the continuous progress of the times and the continuous development of technology, a new type of technology-3D printing technology has been continuously improved. 3D printing technology is a technology in which people draw models of desired objects and products in a computer, and then use 3D printers to combine plastic materials to accumulate into layers one by one. It is often used in the manufacture of products, especially some high-value products, such as aircraft parts. The pattern is an important component of traditional Chinese culture, which runs through China's historical development and people's lives, and reflects the changing development of the times, customs and so on. The combination of the two has played a huge role in restoring the past and transmitting the future.


3d printing, Traditional patterns, National culture, Development and design