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Research on the Innovative Development and Dissemination of Chinese Excellent Traditional Culture under the New Media Environment

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DOI: 10.25236/adlh.2020.010


Bi Lihua

Corresponding Author

Bi Lihua


Nowadays, in the trend of economic globalization, the cultural differences between different countries and nations are gradually narrowing. In recent years, the efforts to promote China's culture to go abroad have been increasing. Some Chinese cultures go abroad in the form of new media, which makes more people realize and like Chinese culture. Using new media to spread Chinese culture can not only make Chinese traditional culture go to the world, but also make traditional culture have its own direction and goal in the development trend of the new era. What’s more, in the process of cultural dissemination, new media technology, as a modern way of dissemination, breaks the limitations of space and time. The advantages of new media technology enable Chinese traditional culture to show its charm to the world. For example, in recent years, the Palace Museum has produced app programs such as “the beauty of Yin Zhen” and “auspicious omen of the Forbidden City”, etc. by using new media interaction technology, people who do not have the opportunity to visit the palace museum can watch the classic art works closely, and through a series of interactive methods, users can get the interactive experience that can’t be obtained in the museum site. In this situation, it is necessary to give full play to the advantages of new media technology, break the backward transmission mode of traditional culture, and attract the public's attention through careful planning and combining with technical requirements according to the needs of the society, so as to create national fine art and promote traditional culture.


The innovative development and dissemination, Chinese excellent traditional culture, The new media environment