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A Study of Mohist Characters in Contemporary Chinese Film and Television Works

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DOI: 10.25236/adlh.2020.006


Liyuan Guo

Corresponding Author

Liyuan Guo


In the long history, Mohism experienced a period of silence after Qin Dynasty. With the development of modern times, people pay more and more attention to it. According to the interpretation of Ge Li's characters in Mo Attack, some people position Ge Li with the idea of “loving and not attacking”. It seems that all actions of Ge Li revolve around this theme. Mohist representatives come from the lower class, so their thoughts are the most popular. Mohist's view of human rights can best represent the interests of the lower class, paying attention to the basic right to subsistence of civilians and the equal rights between people. It is easier for people to remind each other to maintain universal love in groups, which makes it an atmosphere in this group. Through Ge Li, the hero of the film, who is a practitioner of Mohist culture, the audience has a certain understanding of the values centered on “universal love” and “non-aggression” in Mohist doctrine in the pre-Qin period, which shows the vitality of the popularization of traditional culture.


Film and television works, Mohist school, Character image