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Image Beauty in Oil Painting

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DOI: 10.25236/adlh.2020.005


Zhao Yueer

Corresponding Author

Zhao Yueer


Chinese oil painting originated from western painting art, which can be said to have been bred from the embryo of western culture. Through the combination of oriental aesthetics and western painting morphemes, Chinese native oil paintings have created aesthetic images in line with Chinese traditional aesthetic habits, showing spiritual care and humanistic care from the perspective of the East on a broader cultural level. Chinese oil painting has been inherited and developed in the process of artistic communication between China and the West, which is unique and forms its own unique aesthetic image. On the one hand, Chinese oil painting creation is influenced by western oil painting aesthetics, on the other hand, it is inspired by Chinese classical aesthetic culture. By integrating the aesthetics of Chinese and Western cultures, a new form of oil painting with modern significance is produced.


Chinese oil painting, Image aesthetics, Aesthetic features