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Research on the Extraction and Treatment Technology of Ceramic Artwork Surface Pattern

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DOI: 10.25236/adlh.2020.002


Yu Nie, Chao Li, Fubao He, Kaihua Hu, and Hua Huang

Corresponding Author

Yu Nie


With the development of high technology, the digitization of artworks and cultural relics is no longer a problem. Digital inkjet technology and color ink quality are constantly improving, and many digital products such as digital oil painting, digital Chinese painting, digital calligraphy, digital printmaking, digital paper cutting, digital embroidery and other digital art reproductions have appeared on the market. With the rapid development of 3D technology, its application range is becoming more and more daily, from the restoration of cultural relics, simulation manufacturing, digital sculpture to the production of ceramic art. However, in the process of copying these three-dimensional cultural relics or works of art, 3D printing technology still pays more attention to the modeling of objects, and colors and patterns still have to be drawn manually by hand. However, in addition to modeling, patterns are also an important part of artwork. Chinese traditional patterns have a long history and brilliant achievements. Promote the digital protection of traditional patterns so that Chinese traditional culture can be perfectly inherited. Based on this background, this article focuses on the three-dimensional pattern of ceramic artware body, positioning for high-quality copying and design re-creation, in-depth research on the collection and image stitching technology of three-dimensional pattern of ceramic body, constructing an image copying system, realized From the shooting, preprocessing, image correction, two-dimensional transformation of stereo images, image registration, and image fusion to the creation of a complete two-dimensional pattern, the whole process of digitization.


Ceramic artwork surface, Extraction method, Treatment technology