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Research on the Multi-dimensional and Broad Collaborative Improvement of Teachers’ Teaching Competence by Giving Full Play to the Advantages of a Normal University

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DOI: 10.25236/iceesr.2020.196


Rongde Wang, Wenwen Ou

Corresponding Author

Rongde Wang


A normal university is a working platform for cultivating teachers. The Teaching Development Center of Huzhou Normal University has given full play to the advantages of a normal university, formed a multi-dimensional and broad collaborative teaching competence training system as well as a “three-stages and four-collaborations” teaching competence development model for young teachers. By means of the “Famous Teacher Forum”, we have constructed the local university high-quality teaching resources database and effectively improved the teaching competence of teachers. So far, we have won the second prize of teaching achievement award of Zhejiang Higher Education, and become the provincial teaching demonstration center which has been included in the “Excellent Work Case Collection of Teaching Development” by Zhejiang Normal Training Center.


Advantage of a normal university, teaching development center, teaching competence