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Introduction to the First Arts Education Quality Assessment in Compulsory Education Stage in China

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DOI: 10.25236/iceesr.2020.195


Hongju Li

Corresponding Author

Hongju Li


The school-based arts education is an indispensable part of qualified education inelementary and secondary schools. The firstnational arts education assessment was carried out at the compulsory education stagein China in May 2016.According to the NCEQAP, the objectives of national assessment are to provide data and policy advice to ensure that every student in primary and secondary schools can receive qualified arts education. This article will introduce China's education quality assessment policy. Then, it will elaborate the arts education quality assessment indicators, tools, content, music and art subject assessment, the assessmentimplementation, and the firstnational arts education assessment report in China.


Arts education, Education quality, Assessment, Compulsory education stage