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Can Mass Sports Participation Foster the Moral Development? A Theoretical Analysis Based on Sports and Moral Psychology

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DOI: 10.25236/iceesr.2020.194


Mengmeng Wang

Corresponding Author

Mengmeng Wang


It is noteworthy that sports participation can improve moral development through implementing appropriate intervention programmes during PE classes, which has been proved in the empirical research of sports science. Now the question is how we can create a social-moral climate for the purpose to foster the moral development of the people outside the school through social sports participation. The role of mass participation sports events in encouraging regular physical activity is under researched. This study explored the public health potential of parkrun, a wide network of free weekly timed 5km runs in Guangzhou Tianhe park. A total of 730 adult participants of parkrun self-reported demographic characteristics, current physical activity and the perceived impact of involvement. Objective data on attendance and 5km performance were available from the central parkrun database. The result show that the mass sports participation parkrun can foster the moral development.


Moral development, Mass sports participation, Parkrun