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Research on Reconstruction of Mechatronics Professional Chain and Construction of Talent Training Community

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DOI: 10.25236/iceesr.2020.192


Hong Zhang

Corresponding Author

Hong Zhang


In view of the common problems existing in higher vocational specialties such as the separation of industrial chain, professional chain, talent chain and innovation chain, and in connection with the regional intelligent manufacturing product research, design, manufacturing and large-scale personalized service industrial chain, this paper conducts an empirical study on the reconstruction of mechanical and electrical integrated professional chain and the construction of talent training community based on the in-depth integration of industry and education. The method of chain interworking, intelligent collaboration, multidimensional interconnection and three-dimensional promotion of multidimensional promotion is proposed to promote the symbiotic development of mechanical and electrical integration professional chain and regional industrial chain, thus high-quality composite skilled talents serving the large scale customized production and service demand of regional industrial chain are cultivated.


Industry chain, Talent training community, Intelligent synergy, Integration of production and education, Empirical research