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Research on Status and Comparative Competitiveness of China’s and Australia’s Service Trade

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DOI: 10.25236/iceesr.2020.183


Fengzhen Long, Xuanchen Zhang

Corresponding Author

Fengzhen Long


The purpose of this paper aims to explore the states of the service trade of both China and Australia. Meanwhile, it examines the dependency of Sino- Australia service trade and tests the factors that affect the Sino- Australia service value. The paper had adopted the simple linear regression method to analyse the independent variables proposed. Moreover, the regression result indicate that the Total population of both China and Australia, Australia’s government expenditure on education, employment in services (% of total employment) of both China and Australia, China’s GDP per capita (current US$) and China’s Merchandise trade (% of GDP) have an impact on the Sino-Australia trade value.


China, Australia, Service trade, Competitiveness index