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Analysis of Marriage Cognition Model in Lisu Proverbs

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DOI: 10.25236/iceesr.2020.179


Na Zhao, Xuejing Diao

Corresponding Author

Na Zhao


By applying the ideal cognitive model and conceptual metaphor theory of cognitive linguistics, this paper aims to sorting out and summarizing the metaphorical concept and cognitive model of marriage embodied in Lisu proverbs. This paper mainly answers two questions: (1) what conceptual metaphors do Lisu people rely on to construct the concept of "marriage"? With a detailed analysis of the corpus, there are 9 conceptual metaphors of marriage. (2) Does the metaphorical concept of marriage constructed by Lisu people contain some basic and unified cognitive mode? From the metaphorical network built in the many original domains of the conceptual metaphor of marriage, four cognitive modes of marriage can be extracted. Based on the concept of marriage and the cognitive mode of marriage, the cognitive thinking of understanding marriage of Lisu people behind the metaphor is constructed, and the specific cognitive model of marriage is outlined.


Cognitive linguistics, Lisu proverb, Marriage, Conceptual metaphor, Cognitive model