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Experience and Inheritance of Words and Objects—On Craft Materialization of Hakka Customs from Hakka Nursery Rhymes

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DOI: 10.25236/iceesr.2020.176


Chujun Cai

Corresponding Author

Chujun Cai


Nursery rhymes as a form of local written records, and the daily utensils for local life as a record of "tangible culture", both reflect local life style, and narrate the traditional living habits and social consciousness of local people. Through literature survey and empirical research, the relationships between Hakka traditional historical scenes, traditional Hakka nursery rhymes, and daily utensils representing traditional Hakka crafts are conducted with speculative observation and descriptive research. According to the narrative contents in Hakka nursery rhymes, the researches on the items used in daily life and special ceremonies of the Hakkas from the perspectives of Hakka's regional characteristics, festival ceremonies and awareness of folk customs show that the interaction between "words and objects" is the result of people's traditional living habits and social consciousness.


Hakka nursery rhymes, Hakka traditional folk crafts, Cultural communication, Regional customs,