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Mobility of Urban Ethnic Group and Construciton of Ethnic Boundary——A Case Study on “Buyi Lane”in Kunming

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DOI: 10.25236/iceesr.2020.174


Wei Mu

Corresponding Author

Wei Mu


Since the end of 1960s, ethnic boundary has developed into one of the core categories to be discussed by international anthropology. Based on the research object of Buyi ethnic group which migrate from Villages in Guizhou to Kunming and work on garbage collection, this paper analyzes the construction process of ethnic group. From the analysis, it can be learned that the contact between Buyi ethnic group and urban residents has not resulted in cultural assimilation. Instead, it has further highlighted ethnicity and constructed rigid ethnic boundary. Besides, the driving force originates from interaction between ethnic groups. Meanwhile, the urban mainstream groups, who show economic and political strength, play a leading role in social exclusion of the minorities that are marginal population.


Ethnic boundary, Buyi ethnic group, Ethnic relationship, Social exclusion