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Initial Exploration into Image Landscape Teaching——with Pre-Training in Watercolor Landscape Sketching Course as an Example

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DOI: 10.25236/iceesr.2020.172


Yang Deling

Corresponding Author

Yang Deling


Image landscape teaching involves subjective refinement of objective scenes, but students often find it difficult to convert image landscapes in the picture without the experience of outdoor sketching. Therefore, new explorations and adjustments can be made in teaching. In the stage before the start of landscape sketching course, targeted exercises can be arranged. For example, teachers provide appreciation of excellent image landscape paintings and give exercise of various image landscape expression techniques in the field of watercolor painting. In this way, students can study the picture effects brought by different media collocation according to respective preferences, refine and analyze the captured landscape pictures, and finally apply these training results to landscape sketching courses to enhance confidence and ability in painting in the outdoor scene.


Image landscape, Conversion, Refinement