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Visual Analysis of Hot Spots in the Study of Physical Examination of College Students at Home and Abroad

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DOI: 10.25236/iceesr.2020.171


Fang Yuan, Yueying Liang and Yu Zhang

Corresponding Author

Yu Zhang


Objectives: Combined with the COVID-19 epidemic, this paper compared and analyzed the research hotspots and development trends in the field of physical examination for college students at home and abroad, so as to provide reference for the exploration of the development of physical examination research for college students in China. Methods: Based on the literature in the field of health check-ups of college students at home and abroad, this paper uses the visual analysis tool Cite Space V. to make a multi-angle comparative analysis of the cooperation of high-yielding institutions, research hot spots and cutting-edge trends. Results: Domestic research in this field started early, but the development is slow. Foreign research focuses on physical activity and education, medical examination of common diseases, risk factors for college students' health and mental health of college students. Domestic research hotspots mainly include entrance check-up, medical examination results analysis, health education and health management. Conclusions: Firstly, cooperation between research institutions and high-yielding authors should be strengthened in China. Secondly, the research content needs to be further enriched. For example, domestic scholars can take multiple forms of investigation on the COVID-19 epidemic and further grasp the mental health status of contemporary college students with the help of big data analysis. At the same time, there is a lack of research on the risk factors of common diseases and disease prevention education in China. In addition, scholars should actively advocate regular physical examination in colleges and universities to further cultivate students' awareness of health management.


College students, Physical examination, Bibliometrics, Visualization, The comparative study