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Study on the Willingness of Tianjin College Students to Pay for Physical Examination at Their Own Expense

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DOI: 10.25236/iceesr.2020.166


Fang Yuan, Yueying Liang and Yu Zhang

Corresponding Author

Yu Zhang


Objectives: To explore the willingness of college students in Tianjin to pay for physical examination at their own expense and its influencing factors, this paper provides a basis for formulating and improving the related policies of college students' physical examination. Methods: We adopt random sampling method to investigate 1410 college students in Tianjin area with self-designed questionnaire and use spss19.0 for Logistic regression analysis. Results: The family per capita monthly income of the respondents, whether they had family history or previous diseases, whether the university had carried out health examination publicity, the evaluation of physical examination by the students around them are positively correlated with their willingness to pay for physical examination at their own expense, and the P values were all less than 0.05, which was statistically significant. Conclusions: First of all, the school should attach importance to the publicity of students' physical examination and increase the publicity efforts, such as setting up relevant courses, pushing articles on public accounts, holding online competitions and so on. Secondly, the school should broaden the channels for students to participate in the physical examination and comprehensively consider the physical examination needs of college students. For example, the school hospital and the professional should be contacted to provide regular physical examination opportunities for students. At the same time, the school should also pay attention to the health management of the students after the physical examination, so as to provide guidance and Suggestions for enhancing the healthy behaviour of college students and changing the unhealthy lifestyle.


College students, Physical examination, Logistic regression