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Current Situation of College English Listening Teaching and Corresponding Reform Measures

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DOI: 10.25236/iceesr.2020.157


Liang MENG

Corresponding Author

Liang MENG


Examination oriented education weakens the listening and speaking abilities of English learners to a large extent. Although many experts, scholars and English educators have already realized that English teaching, especially in junior and senior high schools, emphasizes the importance of grammar and neglects the cultivation of students' listening and speaking abilities. English teaching in many junior and senior middle school have made a series of reforms to try to change this situation, but the effect seems unsatisfactory. In the College English classroom, most students have poor English listening and speaking ability. So, whether it is necessary to carry out teaching reform in College English class to change the embarrassing situation of students' dumb English, and how-to reform is the focus of this paper.


English, listening and speaking ability, reform